Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tarot Tuesday Random Daily Deck Reading: Tablus Mundi Colores Arcus

Today I pulled one of Tabula Mundi decks from my deck jar, thinking I wasn't ready to read with that deck I put it back and pulled another deck paper from the jar and it was the other Tabula Mundi deck! Ok so I can take a hint...

I decided since it's a new deck that's rather content heavy that I'd make today "Tarot Tuesday" and do a deeper study with a three card spread using the Colored Arcus; the newly released color version of the deck.

All the cards I pulled came up reversed. I pulled the three of cups, the six of swords and Art (Temperance in the RWS style decks).

In the first page I did stream of consciousness study with each card and started with the companion book Book M: Liber Mundi. 

On the second page I continued study with the companion book. I added study with Rachel Pollack's classic book Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom and ended with my summation.

I think the universe is still addressing my decision to give up on trying to get a teaching position. I have to accept my mourning of the sacrifice of that dream I worked so hard for. Embrace it and express it so I can let go... I need to make room in my heart so I can move on and focus on my career as an artist. Especially since it's going to be rough going after being out of the gallery scene for too many years. I've got to get the world to remember that I am an established, experienced and highly knowledgeable artist and at my age the work is going to feel like starting over... And basically I am starting over...

Random Deck Reading: Book of Shadows Tarot

I pulled a reading using both decks from the Book of Shadows Tarot.
The kit came with the deck As Above V1, and a companion book with space for the deck So Below V2 which was published a year later. I think Lo Scarabeo made a mistake with the first deck. The card stock is thicker than in the second deck making it very difficult to shuffle the two decks together. They should have anticipated that readers would naturally want to read with the two decks together. I think I'll buy a lone version of the first deck, I bet the second editions are on the same card stock as V2. Any way I did manage to get the two decks mixed together and pulled a reading.
 The cards pulled in order were the page of wands from deck 2, the five of water from deck 1 and the world reversed from deck 2.
As usual I did a stream of consciousness study of the cards and the companion book. The book by the way did really well for the first deck but falls way short on the second deck. The first deck info is nicely acedemic for the first half then the second half comes of as half assed. They really didn't put a lot of effort into what could have been a very significant set.

I think this reading is speaking to me about my decision to give up on trying find a teaching position so I can focus more on my career as an artist. There is a lot of empowerment in being decisive but it also means sacrificing a lot of financial freedom. I think the five of water and the reversed world are telling me to make a plan. Things are going to be tough but I'm going in the right direction. I just need to direct a lot of energy to prepare and execute. Especially since I'm not quite ready to hit the gallery and exhibit circuit. There's been a lot of construction on my house and I can't feel comfortable creating and working until my home and studio are back in order. So first projects, and perfect for the waning stages of the moon, is to purge all the extraneous stuff that's accumulated over the past twenty five years. Then during the waxing days of the moon I'll organize and plan so that come 1st of the year I can finally come back out into the world and show off my great works...

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Random Daily Reading: The Complete Tarot Kit Thoth Deck

The deck I pulled today is the Thoth deck from The Complete Tarot Kit put out by U.S. Games. It's a pretty nifty kit with two mini decks, RWS & Thoth.

It also comes with a tarot reading journal and a Guide book. 
That guide book by the way is in no way a piece of fluff like most companion books tend to be. It's not as in depth as DuQuette but it's definitely more helpful a guide than most. The kit also comes with the prerequisite printed Celtic cross layout sheet and an odd cheat sheet designed to fold like a table card but since it's printed on both sides half the cheats will be hidden inside. Better to use it accordion folded, if you need it.

 The cards pulled were the emperor, the moon and the queen of cups.

Here's my stream of consciousness and companion book study. 
I find it interesting how the cards I pulled spoke to what I was thinking of earlier in the day yet had forgotten. While shopping at target for dry and paper goods I stopped to admire the Christmas card display. Which set me to thinking that I still hadn't come up with a design for this year's hand printed holiday cards. So I looked closer to get ideas. While looking I thought there were so many pretty ones I wish I could copy all the ones I like.  Then I thought well Patti you could just hand watercolor paint several different images on cards instead of printing one image over and over... the idea went to the back of my mind and I went back to my shopping. 

So the emperor is telling me time to get to it, start that project. The moon is saying that it would be good for practice but it's going to require some time, a lot and the queen is telling me it's creative time, the ideas are good and it will help me to feel the joy of the season of giving as i create these gifts of miniature art to mail to friends and family.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Random Daily Deck Reading: Book of Thoth Etteilla Tarot

The deck I drew from today was the Book of Thoth Etteilla Tarot published by Lo Scarabeo,  Torino Italy, 2003.
It's a reproduction of the Grand Jeu de l'Oracle des Dames, Paris 1870.

My question chanted during shuffling was "what's the message from the universe today."
The cards I drew were the 2 of Swords, the Queen of Swords and the 4 of Pentacles. The 4 of pentacles is reversed. The 2 of swords may be reversed, the card text seems to say it's reversed but if that were the case then the stamped medallion in the center would be upside down when upright; doesn't make sense...

Here we have my journal notes that include stream of consciousness observations, notes from the little white book and my interpretation of the spread.

What I Gleaned 
For the sake of my health (I've had a gnarley chest cold for the past week) and domestic harmony I need to limit my activities and let my self recuperate. This means canceling my pedicure and lunch date for tomorrow and instead of doing my weekly household shopping just go to the local market for a few must haves. I also need to let physical tasks slide, even if I am out of clean pajammies. Do only those tasks that are absolutely necessary.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Random Deck Reading: Fountain Tarot

The deck today is the Fountain Tarot and surprisingly I pulled a very significant reading despite not having gone through this deck. I had no idea of what the images in this deck looked like or how much they corresponded to the RWS or Thoth decks.

I pulled the ten of swords, the ten of cups and the page of cups.

Here's my stream of consciousness and companion book study.

The tens in the minors indicate the culmination of an event, idea or issue. The ten of swords can mean conceptual ideas like betrayal or the end of old beliefs or it can be taken literally as in a pain in your back or unexpected injury/illness. In my case today it's literal. 

I've been laid out for a week with crippling back pain. I have had issues with chronic hip bursitis and a flair up was triggering muscle spasms in my lower back so I've been in a medication fog. Today the back pain is gone and only tiny twinges in the hips so no need for meds. Therefore I can get back to the things I want and need to do.

The ten of cups is about harmony in home and relationships. We've been doing a lot of remodeling making our house and home very messy. This weekend we paint the living room and dining area culminating in an end to the domestic chaos. I can soon start reorganizing my home and since everything from the hall closet has been dragged out I can easily cull 80% or more of the old stuff that no longer serves.

The Page of Cups is about spiritual growth and study. It also represents a person of artistic sensitivity. In this reading it represents getting back to my art making career and spiritual studies in tarot after home disruption and illness. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Daily Random Deck Readings 10/16-10/18

Well my intentions were great but I had to put the readings aside while our home was getting remodel stuff done.  With hubby spreading drywall dust all over the joint I didn't want to pull the cards out. Then we had strangers installing new wood flooring so I kept the cards in their bookcase.

My intention is to photographically record the daily random deck reading then at the end of the week post a week's worth of in a weekly blog.


The Dread Pirate Roberts, Wesley for short, sometimes likes to assist me with my readings...

....and with my artwork...

 The cards pulled from the New Mythic Tarot deck

my stream of consciousness, companion book research and interpretation


This is the first time I've ever used an oracle other than tarot and contrary to what I expected I found the experience very enjoyable.

Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck

Stream of Consciousness, Companion Book and My Interpretation


 Lo Scarabeo Tarot

stream of consciousness, little white book and my interpretation

The experience of pulling random deck readings is very enjoyable.  Hopefully in the future life events wont disrupt my daily practice too often!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Beginning of the Deck of the Day Readings

Some one in a tarot collectors Facebook group mentioned that perhaps it's time to stop buying decks when you've accumulated enough to use a different deck each day of the year. This gave me an idea so I wrote the name of each of my various tarot and oracle decks on index cards cut into quarters. I then shuffled them and put them into a cute little black box. My plan is to draw a new card each day and and do a random reading with the deck drawn. I'll put the drawn card right side up at the bottom of the stack so don't repeat a deck and I'll know when to reshuffle and start the round again.
Today's pull
Stream of consciousness study and info from whatever books that came with the deck.
This was an extra card that insisted on being in the story