Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reading for Today

Reading For Artists for the Cure
October 18, 2012                                                            Thoth Deck

Will the Komen “Artists for the Cure” event be successful?

The Hanged Man

Sacrifice for the higher good.”  
In the context of the reading this is the most appropriate interpretation of this card as this reading is about an event in which all the participants are contributing their work, goods and money to raise more money for a higher cause.

Quantifying Cards

 This is a very powerful reading, all major arcana (the first 21 cards of a Tarot deck) followed by the Ace of coins.  The Universe card indicates successful completion and the number 21 of the card mirrors number 12 of the issue card; indicating that the issue will culminate in success.  The Magus is the man with the tools who knows how to use them…the desired results of the event will manifest through will and creativity.  And finally the Ace of Disks or Coins…it is the gift of money from on high…wealth, prosperity and lots of it!  So the event is going to be a great success that brings in lots of