Friday, November 4, 2016

Random Deck Reading: Fountain Tarot

The deck today is the Fountain Tarot and surprisingly I pulled a very significant reading despite not having gone through this deck. I had no idea of what the images in this deck looked like or how much they corresponded to the RWS or Thoth decks.

I pulled the ten of swords, the ten of cups and the page of cups.

Here's my stream of consciousness and companion book study.

The tens in the minors indicate the culmination of an event, idea or issue. The ten of swords can mean conceptual ideas like betrayal or the end of old beliefs or it can be taken literally as in a pain in your back or unexpected injury/illness. In my case today it's literal. 

I've been laid out for a week with crippling back pain. I have had issues with chronic hip bursitis and a flair up was triggering muscle spasms in my lower back so I've been in a medication fog. Today the back pain is gone and only tiny twinges in the hips so no need for meds. Therefore I can get back to the things I want and need to do.

The ten of cups is about harmony in home and relationships. We've been doing a lot of remodeling making our house and home very messy. This weekend we paint the living room and dining area culminating in an end to the domestic chaos. I can soon start reorganizing my home and since everything from the hall closet has been dragged out I can easily cull 80% or more of the old stuff that no longer serves.

The Page of Cups is about spiritual growth and study. It also represents a person of artistic sensitivity. In this reading it represents getting back to my art making career and spiritual studies in tarot after home disruption and illness.