Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Random Deck Reading: Book of Shadows Tarot

I pulled a reading using both decks from the Book of Shadows Tarot.
The kit came with the deck As Above V1, and a companion book with space for the deck So Below V2 which was published a year later. I think Lo Scarabeo made a mistake with the first deck. The card stock is thicker than in the second deck making it very difficult to shuffle the two decks together. They should have anticipated that readers would naturally want to read with the two decks together. I think I'll buy a lone version of the first deck, I bet the second editions are on the same card stock as V2. Any way I did manage to get the two decks mixed together and pulled a reading.
 The cards pulled in order were the page of wands from deck 2, the five of water from deck 1 and the world reversed from deck 2.
As usual I did a stream of consciousness study of the cards and the companion book. The book by the way did really well for the first deck but falls way short on the second deck. The first deck info is nicely acedemic for the first half then the second half comes of as half assed. They really didn't put a lot of effort into what could have been a very significant set.

I think this reading is speaking to me about my decision to give up on trying find a teaching position so I can focus more on my career as an artist. There is a lot of empowerment in being decisive but it also means sacrificing a lot of financial freedom. I think the five of water and the reversed world are telling me to make a plan. Things are going to be tough but I'm going in the right direction. I just need to direct a lot of energy to prepare and execute. Especially since I'm not quite ready to hit the gallery and exhibit circuit. There's been a lot of construction on my house and I can't feel comfortable creating and working until my home and studio are back in order. So first projects, and perfect for the waning stages of the moon, is to purge all the extraneous stuff that's accumulated over the past twenty five years. Then during the waxing days of the moon I'll organize and plan so that come 1st of the year I can finally come back out into the world and show off my great works...