Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Morgan- Greer Stream: Lovers, Chariot & Strength

Adam and Eve embrace in the garden
Man has hairy butt
Woman is shaved
White vulva like lilie3s with yellow clitorises
Yellow setting sun
Teal blue twilight
Green lush garden
Eve’s lips pucker for a kiss
Man is bearded
They are in their 30s
Their comfort in each other says married for some time
They’re gonna do it…

Golden chariot with blue canopy
King at the “reigns”
Pulled by 2 horses – 1 black the other white
Gold crown made up of pentagrams
Sun on green breast plate
69 (yin/yang) on gold belt buckle
Silver crescent moons on epaulettes
He is on the move
Leather gloved hands control the reigns with confidence and strength
H reminds me of hubby, may be the gentle eyes, blond curls and mustache.

Yellow sky
Black pointed peaks
Blonde woman with floral wreath in hair
Gently – yet firmly – she closes a male lion’s mouth
Hush now
Lush green foliage and tropical palm trees
Flowing white cotton goddess gown
Tall wild grass
She loves her wild beastie

images from: www.Tarot.com