Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Old Deck

I was gifted this vintage Tarot deck by my friend Rachel. It was the working deck of another friend (and Rachel's bff) who crossed over late last year.  I cherish this gift and will probably never put it in order as I feel like my friends are with me while I'm working with it.

After significant research (hard search) I discovered that this deck was developed and published by Frankie Albano and is referred to as the Albano Deck or sometimes the White Tarot Deck. I call it the Golden Sun Tarot as to me that's the most obvious name for it. In my head/heart it's Angel's Tarot.

 I did my first three card general (no question) reading with the deck. 

Page one was my stream of consciousness impressions 

Page two is book info and the star section is my interpretation.

Basically if I don't choose well I will not fare well...and to stop being so lazy...