Sunday, July 25, 2010

Full Moon 7-2010

Not so unusual, full moon and I can't sleep. I could be dog assed tired and a full moon will not let me sleep. So tonight I went outside, smudged under grandmother's glow my bare feet touching the mother. Then I shuffled the cards...

Tarot Readings using New Vision Deck


Ace of Cups, Temperance, 10 coins: Love, Family, Joy, innocence, balance, intuition, temperance, craft, workplace, skill


Judgement, 10 cups, 2 pentacles: rebirth, renewal, home, family, love, abundance, harvest, craft, innocence, balance, joy, fun work you love

CP 32nd bday coming up

4 Pentacles, Lovers, 6 Swords: Contemplation, garden of the soul, love, commitment, relationships, journey, difficult passage, share the wealth but remember to save for a rainy day

TP 3rd bday coming up

World, 9 Wands, 8 Swords: new cycle, contentment, good health, power, strength, knowing, bravery, constricted, facing self inflicted fears