Saturday, January 21, 2012

Phare-Camp’s Playoff Predictions using Universal Waite Deck

Card of the Day

2 of Coins

OK here are my readings for tomorrow’s playoffs, although I don’t like it at all…no sireee…not a’tall!

‘9ers vs Giants

It’s going to be a close and exciting game.

The 9ers will pull unusual moves that could win the game if they can quickly evaluate the best plays for each situation.  Self discipline and emotional control will contribute to quality performance.

The Giants will show that teamwork and planning can ring in an unexpected win if when things seem tough they manage to channel Dori and “keep on swimming, swimming, swimming…”

Both teams drew winning cards for the outcome, but sadly I drew a major for the Giants so if both teams follow the best strategies described above the win will probably go to the Giants…because the Giants are a professional team and they aren’t going to give up.  That’s why its going to be an exciting game.

Ravens vs Patriots

Ravens are just screwed…lack of direction and scattered energies will hold them back unless they can get it together and control their emotions.  If they can avoid self sabotage than they just might make it to the Super Bowl.  If not they will take the lessons of this game to heart and we’ll see them again in next year’s bowl.

The Patriots, like the Giants, will win through discipline and perseverance.  If they remain vigilant and give their best effort the Ravens will hand them the victory.

In my reading I don’t see this being as lively a game as the 9ers and Giants.  Perhaps it’s a good thing theirs is the first game…

The Cards

I pulled the following cards with mental intentions of the 1st being team focus, 2nd being best strategies and last being outcome.


Card 1:  Hanged Man
Card 2:  King of Cups
Card 2:  8 of Cups


Card 1:  3 of Wands
Card 2:  6 of Swords
Card 3:  Strength


Card 1:  8 of Swords
Card 2:  Queen of Cups
Card 3:  3 of Coins


Card 1:  8 of Coins
Card 2:  Page of Swords
Card 3:  6 of Wands


Every team had an 8 in their readings which I interpret to mean that each team is equally matched in the elements needed to be ultimate winners.  The teams that lose will do so through mistakes in strategy.

Every team had one or more cards that were a three or divisible by 3 indicating to me that teamwork is their greatest strength.  More so for the Giants and the 9ers who had the greatest number of 3s in their readings.

A Very Interesting Aside:

I started a reading for the 49ers and was not feeling quite right, I felt like I was unprepared and unfocused when I pulled the cards so I put the cards back, took a break then returned to start anew.  Well take a look at the cards I pulled – It was practically the same dam reading!

Card 1: The Lovers – divisible by 3
Card 2: Night of Cups – Male court of Cups
Card 3: 8 of Wands – a successful 8