Wednesday, May 29, 2013

C.O.D. and A.O.D.

Card of the Day

2 of Cups:
disharmony in relationships, emotional disconnect

Affirmation of the Day

what is my divine purpose for today

Page of Cups:
romance, message from unconscious, playful, listening

its a day to focus on some one most important to you, especially if the day to day has taken attention away from the relationship.  there is a need for one on one play time with a partner, communicate, joke around, listen to each other and just plain remember what you enjoy about each other.

water; subconscious, emotions, spirituality
fish; spirituality, whimsy, fish out of water
caduceus; health, spiritual health and education
lion; strength, passion, control of id
cup; cup runneth over, grail, knowledge
lotus; opening up, awakening, blossoming
a toast; seal a deal, celebrate a union,