Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tarot Tuesday Random Daily Deck Reading: Tablus Mundi Colores Arcus

Today I pulled one of Tabula Mundi decks from my deck jar, thinking I wasn't ready to read with that deck I put it back and pulled another deck paper from the jar and it was the other Tabula Mundi deck! Ok so I can take a hint...

I decided since it's a new deck that's rather content heavy that I'd make today "Tarot Tuesday" and do a deeper study with a three card spread using the Colored Arcus; the newly released color version of the deck.

All the cards I pulled came up reversed. I pulled the three of cups, the six of swords and Art (Temperance in the RWS style decks).

In the first page I did stream of consciousness study with each card and started with the companion book Book M: Liber Mundi. 

On the second page I continued study with the companion book. I added study with Rachel Pollack's classic book Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom and ended with my summation.

I think the universe is still addressing my decision to give up on trying to get a teaching position. I have to accept my mourning of the sacrifice of that dream I worked so hard for. Embrace it and express it so I can let go... I need to make room in my heart so I can move on and focus on my career as an artist. Especially since it's going to be rough going after being out of the gallery scene for too many years. I've got to get the world to remember that I am an established, experienced and highly knowledgeable artist and at my age the work is going to feel like starting over... And basically I am starting over...