Saturday, November 12, 2016

Random Daily Reading: The Complete Tarot Kit Thoth Deck

The deck I pulled today is the Thoth deck from The Complete Tarot Kit put out by U.S. Games. It's a pretty nifty kit with two mini decks, RWS & Thoth.

It also comes with a tarot reading journal and a Guide book. 
That guide book by the way is in no way a piece of fluff like most companion books tend to be. It's not as in depth as DuQuette but it's definitely more helpful a guide than most. The kit also comes with the prerequisite printed Celtic cross layout sheet and an odd cheat sheet designed to fold like a table card but since it's printed on both sides half the cheats will be hidden inside. Better to use it accordion folded, if you need it.

 The cards pulled were the emperor, the moon and the queen of cups.

Here's my stream of consciousness and companion book study. 
I find it interesting how the cards I pulled spoke to what I was thinking of earlier in the day yet had forgotten. While shopping at target for dry and paper goods I stopped to admire the Christmas card display. Which set me to thinking that I still hadn't come up with a design for this year's hand printed holiday cards. So I looked closer to get ideas. While looking I thought there were so many pretty ones I wish I could copy all the ones I like.  Then I thought well Patti you could just hand watercolor paint several different images on cards instead of printing one image over and over... the idea went to the back of my mind and I went back to my shopping. 

So the emperor is telling me time to get to it, start that project. The moon is saying that it would be good for practice but it's going to require some time, a lot and the queen is telling me it's creative time, the ideas are good and it will help me to feel the joy of the season of giving as i create these gifts of miniature art to mail to friends and family.