Monday, June 27, 2011

Card of the Day 6-27-2011

Card of the Day from the Universal Waite Deck

Interesting just how accurate these things can be...had posted to facebook and told my brother that I was feeling negative and morose today and that I needed to go dig in the garden and get my hands into the earth.  But first I listened to a tarot talk show at the Tarot Guild.  Afterward I pulled a card for the day an lo -- 5 of Swords!  And what does it say at where I pulled the image for this blog?

"A feeling of imbalance and negativity prevails."
And so I sign off to go do my grocery shopping and by the time I return the afternoon shade will be in the garden and I can plant those flowers hubby bought me for our 28th anniversary...

and get my hands into the healing-healing earth!